Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Options

We specialize in a full scope of addiction treatments to aid in your recovery.

Alcohol Dependency

The alcohol treatment program at Grace Hope is fully immersive, providing 24-hour support and a variety of therapeutic activities that will guide you into a new life of sobriety. 


Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is steadily rising and getting help early is the most effective way to treat it. Grace Hope will assist you with your addiciton to prescription medications.


Residential Detox

 A residential detoxification allows the individual to benefit from oversight and intervention for managing the withdrawal symptoms that will emerge during the detox process.


Dual Diagnosis

Many individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder may have a co-occurring mental health disorder. When two disorders coexist, it is referred to as a dual diagnosis.


Residential Treatment

A residential program provides the intensity and support required to make fundamental changes in the way you think about, react to, and process daily events and triggers you will encounter.


Residential Trauma Treatment

Trauma therapy is an important aspect in healing process after experiencing a shocking or disturbing event. Trauma therapy allow the individual to gradually move forward in their lives.


Holistic Elements

An effective addiction recovery program will offer a well-rounded mix of evidence-based therapeutic elements and complementary activities that can significantly enhance the clinical results



By giving as much attention, or more, to aftercare as detox and rehab, clients considerably increase their chances at achieving a sustained, long-term recovery. Grace Hope is here to assist with your aftercare needs