Residential Detox for Drugs and Alcohol

The initial phase of receiving treatment for a drug or alcohol use disorder involves detoxification, or the expelling from the body of the related chemicals and toxins related to the substance. A residential detoxification allows the individual to benefit from oversight and intervention for managing the withdrawal symptoms that will emerge during the detox process.

Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance of abuse, the history of the substance use disorder, the severity of the addiction or dependence, the general health status of the individual, and whether there is a co-occurring mental health disorder present. Managing the symptoms so the individual will remain as comfortable as possible, culminating in the successful completion of the detox and withdrawal phase of recovery, is the sole purpose of a residential detoxification.

Benefits of Residential Detox

There are some unpredictable withdrawal symptoms that can emerge during detox, particularly during an alcohol detox or a benzodiazepine detox, which can develop into a emergency. Having professional supervision throughout the detox period allows for speedy intervention as needed.

While undergoing detoxification from any substance, having the support available to tend to the physical and emotional effects of the process is reassuring. Most of the discomforts of detox can be mitigated during a residential detox. The intense flu symptoms of an opioid or heroin detox, for example, can be managed with a variety of medications, helping the individual overcome the discomforts and get to the other side of it.

In some cases, medications can be prescribed during the later days of detox, depending on the substance of abuse and how many days of sobriety are required before it can begin. These drugs, such as Suboxone, buprenorphine, and methadone, can help block drug or alcohol cravings, reducing the risk of relapse. These drugs may be used for up to a year to best ensure a successful long-term recovery result.

What to Expect in Residential Detox

During residential detox, the individual will experience distinct stages of the detox and withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms commence within hours of the last dose or drink, and usually peak on days 2-3 and then begin to subside. Most detoxifications are completed within one week. In the case of a benzodiazepine detox, however, the required tapering process may take two weeks to avoid serious withdrawal complications, so withdrawal symptoms will usually peak at that two-week mark before they begin to subside.

The addiction specialists who are overseeing the residential detox are available for counseling as needed for any psychological symptoms that may emerge. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and insomnia are associated with several substances of abuse during detox and withdrawal. These therapists can also offer support for staying the course and not giving up, as well as helping to prepare the individual for the next phase of treatment.

After Residential Detoxification

The residential detoxification is only the first step in recovery. Detox alone is not sufficient to end addiction. Addictive behaviors that have developed over time must be methodically changed through a treatment program. Treatment will consist of a variety of therapeutic activities that work together to create a comprehensive approach to ending addictive behaviors.

Many addiction treatment programs include recovery groups, such as 12-step or non 12 step meetings, or a similar alternative. Active participation in these meetings offers peer support, structure, and fellowship that can help reinforce the new behaviors being learned in individual and group therapy sessions. In addition, sober living housing can be very effective in the early months of recovery, as they provide individuals a safe and supportive sober living space.

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